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Are We Getting Enough Crop per Drop?

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kate_award.jpgCongratulations to IonE Global Landscapes Initiative postdoctoral fellow Kate Brauman, who won a Best Early Career Poster award at the Planet Under Pressure meeting in London last week. Attended by thousands of environmental scientists, policy makers and executives from around the world, Planet Under Pressure has been called the most important global environmental science conference in recent years.

Thumbnail image for kab_pup.jpgThe poster, entitled "Water Wise: Are We Getting Enough Crop per Drop?", describes Kate's work characterizing differences in agricultural water use with respect to location, climate and crop. Judges appreciated the poster's strong story, great graphics and limited amount of text as well as the pivotal message: We have tremendous opportunities to make better use of our water resources as we work to meet the growing demands of a growing global population.

The prize-winning poster earned Kate a ribbon, a book, a subscription to a sustainability journal, and a handshake from astronaut Piers Sellers.

To learn more about Kate's great work, watch a presentation on the topic she gave in February as part of IonE's Frontiers in the Environment not-your-usual lecture series.  

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