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Boreas, Inspired

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boreas2.jpgBY KATE KNUTH

Boreas Leadership Program participants got a visit from a former 4-H state president, dairy princess, Minnesota House speaker and current technology leader recently when Margaret Anderson Kelliher, president and CEO of the Minnesota High Tech Association, visited the monthly Boreas Insight and Inspiration networking event.

From Muscles to Molecules

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earth.jpgBY BEN LAUER

What if we were able to step outside of ourselves and observe the Earth from above the Troposphere over the past 1,000 years? What would we see?

That was the question posed by Lewis Gilbert, IonE's managing director, at last week's Frontiers in the Environment talk, "From Muscles to Molecules: A Revolution in the Earth System." The answer, Lewis suggested, reveals a startling process of human-controlled change. 

Ready, Fire, Aim!

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Thumbnail image for verajitsingh.jpgBY BEN LAUER

A "ready, fire, aim!" approach, Virajita Singh explained during her Frontiers in the Environment presentation last Wednesday, is integral to sustainable design. By seeking improvements throughout the design process, aiming after firing produces a more precise result. Instead of leaving the loose ends of a project to serve as a lesson for the future, projects are treated as flexible, ongoing processes where design fixes previous missteps.

Building World-Changers

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boreas.jpgBY KATE KNUTH

Being a graduate student itching to make our planet and the quality of life of its people better can sometimes be an awkward position. Amid the pondering of big questions, the academic paper writing, the problem-set grading and the seemingly endless checking of citations lists, the feeling that there are additional important skills for changing the world sneaks up now and again. I admit to being one of these graduate students, and I've found my people in the Institute on the Environment's Boreas Leadership Program.

The Wildest Corner in America

Utukok.jpgBY BEN LAUER

Last Wednesday's Frontiers in the Environment event series brought multitalented Arctic enthusiast Debbie Miller to speak about her time spent exploring the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska. Miller's broad range of experience as a writer, journalist, teacher and conservationist provided a large-scope view of the United States' largest tract of undeveloped public land. During debbie.jpgthe past three summers, Miller spent 68 days in the NPRA traveling over 600 miles of terrain either on foot or by canoe down the reserve's long, winding rivers. Her presentation explored the history, industry and especially the ecological importance of the 23-million-acre area, which has been described as "the wildest corner in America."

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