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Need Crop Maps? See EarthStat

earthstat_blog.pngBy Paul West

Ever wonder which crops are grown where? Looking for crop and pasture data to use in a research project? Need a map for your report or presentation? We've got you covered.

The Institute on the Environment's Global Landscapes Initiative and McGill University's Land Use and the Global Environment (LUGE) recently launched EarthStat, a website for viewing and downloading agriculture and land use data developed in collaboration between our institutions. These data have become the standard used by many institutions around the world, and we hope this new site will broaden their use and influence. The site serves data on current and historical cropland and pasture area, as well as more detailed yield and harvested area for 172 crops. Yield potential, yield gap and climate bins are available in NetCDF, Geotiff, ASCII, Google Earth(KMZ), and PNG formats.

We'll be updating the map viewer and download pages with additional data sets in the coming months. Please take a few minutes to check out the site, share it with your friends, and post comments below.

Special thanks to Peder Engstrom for creating the site!

Paul West is chief collaboration officer for the Institute on the Environment's Global Landscapes Initiative. Follow him on Twitter: @coolfireconserv Image courtesy of Peder Engstrom.


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