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I Am Water

Throw a pebble into a lake or stream and ripples will radiate out from the place of entry, breaking the inertia at the surface. Minneapolis artist Camille Gage hopes her art piece, "I AM WATER," will have a similar effect on people, catalyzing their sense of responsibility for tackling one of the biggest challenges we humans face: protecting Earth's finite water reserves.

Science Communication: Teach, Entertain or Inspire?

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01-22-Reichs.jpgYouTube is usually a one-stop shop for movie trailers, music and cat videos. But one family is using the popular website to educate viewers on earth and climate science, one video at a time.

Last March, brothers Henry and Alex Reich, along with their father, IonE resident fellow Peter Reich, created the YouTube channel MinuteEarth, featuring one- to three-minute animated videos focusing on topics ranging from fisheries management to atmospheric science. The three shared their experience at the Institute on the Environment's first Frontiers in the Environment presentation of the semester - "Science Communication: Teach, Entertain or Inspire?"  - Wednesday, Jan. 29 at the University of Minnesota in St. Paul.

YouTube Activism: Interstate Sustainability Leaders Summit

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Imagine a conference experience that is about more than business card collections, fancy dinners and academic posturing. Imagine a conference experience that extends beyond the closing ceremonies to truly impact your activism.
That is exactly what we had in mind when we dreamed up the Interstate Sustainability Leaders Summit. ISLS would be a modern conference that develops relationships and provides tangible takeaways for grounded dreamers. 

Take a Step Back

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Screen shot 2013-08-01 at 4.07.32 PM.png

Whether you're an environmental scientist working to restore biodiversity in the Amazon or just someone practicing an eco-friendly lifestyle to the best of your abilities, you know the little things are important. However, the day-to-day routine can give you tunnel vision. At some point we all need to step back and refocus on the global picture.

Introducing ... Ensia!

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If you're a fan of IonE's Momentum magazine, we have some good news for you: Momentum is no more.

Why good news? Because Momentum is now Ensia, an innovative online and print magazine and event series that's out to change the world. Reaching across sectors, disciplines, political persuasions and continents, Ensia aims to provide people who have the power to shape new solutions to environmental grand challenges with the innovative ideas, information and inspiration they need to do so.

Happy New Year! (With Fish)

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German tradition says eating herring at midnight on Dec. 31 brings good fortune for the year to come. Is herring part of your New Year's celebration? If not, here's your big chance!

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