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Systems Solutions for Home Energy Savings
NorthernSTAR Building America Partnership

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University researchers Pat Huelman and John Carmody are heading up a project that will work towards implementing energy saving technologies in new and existing homes.

Specifically, the Minnesota team, called NorthernSTAR Energy Efficient Housing Research Partnership, will focus on energy savings in cold climates. This work is industry-driven and involves host of partners from both research and industry, who will take a systems approach to reduce the amount of energy used in housing while improving comfort, durability and air quality.

The NorthernSTAR Building America project began in July 2010. Since that time, researchers have been collecting and analyzing background data to provide a solid foundation for the rest of the research. Now that phase is complete, and the teams will be starting the next phase of identifying, measuring and evaluating a variety of housing technologies and then implementing them on a large scale (i.e. neighborhoods). After implementation, the process begins again with analyzing the new designs and evaluating their effectiveness.

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University Press Release.

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