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From 9 to 20 by 2030

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blades_blue_sky2.jpgWind energy currently represents just 9 percent of the renewable energy used in the United States. Wind is abundant, and operating wind turbines does not produce greenhouse gases. Although tall, wind turbines have a small footprint, which makes them appealing in agricultural areas because energy can be produced without giving up huge amounts of precious farmland.

Wind turbines are also available in a range of sizes and so can be used by a wide variety of populations: industries, rural communities and developing countries can all use wind to meet some or all of their energy needs, even if they are off the grid. And, if developed on a large scale, the wind industry could produce up to 115,000 jobs, up from the industry's current total of 85,000.

The United States Department of Energy, with its goal of obtaining 20% of the nation's energy from wind by 2030, also sees wind's potential as a sustainable, large scale renewable energy source. But despite these advantages and acknowledged importance of wind in the U.S. energy portfolio, the challenge remains: How can wind play a larger role in the United States' energy portfolio?

Read on to find out what IREE is doing to address this challenge!

North Central Clean Tech Open Briefing

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Thumbnail image for CTO logo.gifOn Tuesday, April 12, 2011, IREE was pleased to host the North Central Clean Tech Open (CTO) Briefing to kick off this year's competition. The event attracted over 60 attendees and 13 exhibitors, with presentations from experts, past participants, and investors. There was also ample time for networking. To watch the presentations, click on the link at the bottom of this post.

The goal of the CTO is to "find, fund, and foster the big ideas that address today's most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges." Since its inception in 2006, CTO start-ups have raised over $280 million in private capital, 80% of the companies remain viable today, and over 2,000 jobs in the clean tech arena have been created. And, this has been done at a cost of less than $5,000 per job, far less than the jobs created by state and federal programs, as well as the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act.

The respective missions of IREE and the CTO are well matched, as both are focused on job creation and economic development via renewable energies and clean technologies. Because a part of IREE's mission is to spur economic development in Minnesota specifically, its work with the CTO is especially important: the partnership gives Minnesota entrepreneurs, inventors, and researchers the chance to move their ideas from the lab to the market while simultaneously making money and creating jobs for the State.


IREE to Host North Central Clean Tech Open Event April 12

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CTO logo.gifCome and gather with some of the most innovative minds and incubators who choose to collaborate and grow "Cleantech Eco‐Clusters" around new ideas and company start‐ups with economic development initiatives. We have collected a great group of expert innovators, mentors, CEO's, and economic developers to discuss opportunities to fund new start‐ups.

The North Central Region - Cleantech Open Competition in conjunction with UMN Departments, such as IREE, TLI, and the OTC‐VC and other CTO Partners invite all cleantech professionals to come together on April 12.

For more information on the agenda, speakers, and presenters, see the flyer: Program Brochure - CTO & UMN.pdf


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