River Talk

Introducing River Life's Flood Forum

Predictions across the Upper Midwest are calling for perhaps-record floods in all of our rivers.  What impacts are the floods having, and what might be the long term effects of the rising waters?  What do government agencies and river organizations think?  What are the experiences of local citizens as well as policy makers?
The University of Minnesota's River Life Partnership has put together a multi-platform digital flood forum, where we are gathering information, diverse perspectives, and considerations from across the state and region.

Our Flood Forum page provides key links and an overview of our programs:

Follow River Life on Facebook and Twitter, and share your thoughts, photographs, and links to more information.
Read the River Talk blog for more analytical, thought-provoking commentaries.
Follow the links to sites maintained by government agencies, reliable news organizations, and academic/educational institutions as they have all initiated their own flood coverage.
Check the River Atlas to see historic photographs, documents, and other interesting stuff.

We intend for these platforms to be as interactive as possible, so email us at rlp@umn.edu to make suggestions, add comments, and recommend additional sources and leads.  If you would, please do forward this message to others who would be interested as well.  And of course, join the discussions through the River Life Facebook and Twitter connections.

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