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It's a Complex Policy World: Here's a Great Guide!

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I've mentioned this before, but it certainly bears repeating:  for a guide to federal policy, legislation, and initiatives relating to the Mississippi River and the watershed, there's no better guide than Mark Gorman's Northeast-Midwest Institute Mississippi River Basin Blog.

Take a look, on this day that the Congress threatened to shut down the federal government, for the latest news about that issue as well as analysis of budgetary impacts on a host of programs.

Also noteworthy is the monthly Mississippi River Basin Update, another essential collection of information on policy, news, events, and other cross-agency developments.

Quite honestly, if you are serious about working on Mississippi River-related programs, policies, or projects, you can't afford not to know these sources.  They are simply essential as starting points.

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Thanks very much, Pat! Keep dry as the floodwaters rise!

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