River Talk

The River's Gonna Rise...

There's undoubtedly a blues song there; maybe one of you with a more encyclopedic knowledge of the blues than I have will send me a link?  Or if it hasn't been written yet, then this may be the spring to write it.

Because the water's going to rise, at least in the Upper Midwest.

The drumbeat of news stories on flood preparations has grown much louder over the past week, and I want to share some of the posts with you.  In the future, as the forecasts come into sharper focus, I'll only share maybe the stories with the most relevant information, but here's a sample of what's appeared in the last week.

March 9, 2011
South St. Paul does "far more" flood planning this year than years past.

FEMA officials tell local leaders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that flooding is likely.  Cedar Rapids has not yet fully recovered from devastating floods in the summer of 2008.

March 10, 2011
The Hastings Star Gazette reports that flooding could reach near-record heights in Hastings, just downstream from St. Paul, MN.

Paul Douglas, consulting meteorologist for the Minneapolis Star Tribune as well as other venues, has a detailed post with historical data and images, and  forecast maps from federal sources such as the National Weather Service and NOAA.  This is a very rich source of pertinent flood information.

March 13, 2011
St. Paul's flood preparations are the subject of two stories, one on local CBS News, and one, from Business Wire, concentrating on protection efforts at the downtown Holman Field airport.

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