River Talk

Using Up More of my 15 Minutes

Flooding is the big river story around here and River Life is not alone in devoting substantial attention to the issue.  This week, the local NBC affiliate, KARE-11, had a producer in my class and then interviewed me for a story that ran this morning (EARLY this morning!).  The piece is really edited together well, as you can see here.

I was on the news earlier when the University Press published a book about the aftermath of another river disaster, the collapse of the I-35W bridge in 2007.  It would be great to get coverage for non-disasters!

Speaking of flood coverage, we have several students from my class posting to Twitter with their observations, photos, and links/references.  The offer to join the conversation extends beyond students!  Go to our Flood Forum page to learn how to follow us and participate.

And I promise not to grade your posts!

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