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2011 Flood Season Continues to Make News, Cause Worries

Up here at the northern end of the Mississippi River basin, our flooding stories have moved from the urgencies of inundated homes, closed roadways, and disrupted lives to questions of prevention, preparation, and policy and planning changes necessary to accommodate living with rivers.

Not so downstream.  In the middle and lower Mississippi, record-breaking rainfall combined with "our" floodwaters coming into their areas have led to one of the worst flood years in history.  Comparisons to the apocalyptic floods of 1927 and 1937 are beginning to be voiced.  The Corps of Engineers has dynamited a levee in Missouri and is indicating that more use of diversion floodways could follow.

Forbes.com has a very nice thorough summary of some of the key issues, and The Nature Conservancy's Cool Green Science blog has an article also worth your attention.  

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