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National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration is a "Must Do" for people involved in large scale projects

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The 4th National Conference on Ecosystem Restoration (NCER) will be held August 1-5 in Baltimore.  As detailed in the conference web site, this year's version will draw over 1,000 practitioners from federal and state agencies, consulting firms, and nonprofit groups, all focusing on the newest ideas and best management practices for restoration of large ecosystems.

There will be a lot of attention, of course, on the Chesapeake Bay.  But sessions will also focus on the Great Lakes, Coastal Louisiana, the Missouri River, and the Everglades.  Sessions on urban ecosystem restoration, and on policy-science connections will draw on examples from across the country.

Primary federal agency sponsors include the USGS, Corps of Engineers, and the NRCS program of the Department of Agriculture.

Two years ago, I attended the NCER in Los Angeles.  It was, very simply, the best conference I have ever been to.  The program was extremely well organized, the speakers were informative, and there was plenty of good time for making contacts and networking.  Many of the ideas and contacts developed during that week are still central to River Life today.

If you can scrape together the funds and the time, this trip will be well worth it!

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I'll be there! Already completed my registration. I'm on the Planning Committee and can vouch that it will definitely be worthwhile.

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