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Big Day for the Future of the St. Croix River

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As described on this Patch.com story from Stillwater, today saw a Senate subcommittee hearing on the St. Croix River crossing bill.

Is it just me, or is there something nicely ironic about reading Tweets on a controversy that has been going on for over 20 years?  That's gotta be at least three generations of communication technology!

Read the story and watch the video to learn more on the substantive results.

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I plan to go over to UW-River Falls to take a look at some of the things Carl Pemble said about his beloved St. Croix River back in the late 60s. Carl lived on the river, was a champion of preserving the beauty of the river, and his papers are archived at River Falls.

I wonder if today's political leaders have forgotten why we wanted to include the St. Croix in the Wild and Scenic river system. Sen. Johnson from Wisconsin said at the Senate hearing the other day that this project (the proposed freeway bridge) "would be instrumental for economic development for decades." I had understood that we were trying to shield the St. Croix River from economic development.

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