IPID Talk 9/22: Corporations and Development

Topic: Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better - Corporations & Development
Date: September 22, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Room 70, Minnesota Population Center, Willey Hall

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corporate_social_jpgThe first IPID Talk of the semester will focus on the role of corporations in advancing the human development agenda. Ben al-Haddad (Medical School) will be pushing things off.

Feel free to bring friends (or strangers... no judgment here).
To participate please read (but come even if you had no time to read):

(1) When dealing with the devil pays.

(2) Child labour: the tobacco industry's smoking gun

(3) Public-private partnerships as a development engine (download as a

Discussion Questions:

(1) Are the objectives of the private sector and the public sector so antithetical so as to make true partnership impossible?

(2) Are some domains more amenable to private-public partnerships than others? Which ones and why? (e.g. Health, Education, Social Services, Disaster Relief)

(3) How can the public sector co-opt the private sector into acting in alignment with policy objectives?

(4) How should manipulation by the private sector be reported and measured in the public sphere?


13:00-13:10 Introduction.
13:10-13:50 Structured discussion.
13:50-13:55 Last thoughts.
13:55-14:00 Programming announcement/feedback.

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