IPID Talk 10/20: Emerging Indian Economy and Globalization

Date: October 20, 2011
Time: 1:00 pm
Location: Room 70, Minnesota Population Center, Willey Hall

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Anupam Kishore, Humphrey Fellow from India will be the host of this month's IPID Talk. In preparation for the discussion, please read the following articles and watch IMF video:

(1) Lecture by Dr. Narendra Jadhav on Indian economy and Globalisation

(2) IMF Report on Indian Economy
(3) IMF Video on Indian Economy - Road Ahead
(4) You tube video on Indian economy
Questions framing the discussions:
1)      How important is the role of Governance in the economic development of the country?
2)      Can a few scientific inventions or discoveries reshape the entire global economy?
3)      What is the role of Human Resources in shaping the future of the country?
4)      What are the challenges facing Indian economy?
5)      What should policy makers in India focus on to sustain the growth?
1.00-1.40 - Presentation on Indian Economy & Discussion on above questions
1.40- 1.58 - Questions and Discussions
1.58- 2.00 - Announcements

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