Film Screening: "This Is What Democracy Looks Like"

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democracy-dvdcover.jpgOn Friday, February 24 at 7:30pm, IPID will screening the film This Is What Democracy Looks Like, a 70-minute activist film documenting the protests against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in late 1999. The screening will be at the apartment of Humphrey School students Brandon Wu and Mary Small. Please RSVP either on the Facebook event page or by emailing

About the Film:

This Is What Democracy Looks Like
documents the mass protest against the World Trade Organization in Seattle in late 1999 - the event that created the first widespread awareness of the so-called "global justice movement" that fueled huge demonstrations around the world in the late 1990s until the early post-9/11 era.

No attempt at objectivity is made here - this is a film by activists trying to get across their point of view on what happened in the streets of Seattle in late November and early December 1999. But regardless of your perspective,
This Is What Democracy Looks Like vividly shows why late 1999 seemed like such a pivotal time in the shaping of global economic policies. For global justice activists, it was a time of hope when it seemed that solidarity across nations and interest groups might prevail against corporate power. For proponents of the international trade system, it was a frustrating time when seemingly irrational masses were impeding progress on a global scale.

In painting a vibrant picture of the 1999 Seattle uprising,
This Is What Democracy Looks Like should spur conversation on a number of issues, including global economic policy, international solidarity, social movements, corporate vs. independent media, police/protester dynamics, etc. After the film, Humphrey School student Brandon Wu, who was involved in the global justice movement from 1999-2002 and worked professionally on trade policy issues from 2005-2010, will lead a discussion.

Refreshments will be provided.


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