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Please join us for the next IPID talk!

Thursday, February 28th at 4:30 p.m., at the UofM Law School Room 385. Click here for a campus map.

The topic: Policy or Profiling? Iranian Students vs. TCF Bank. Come learn and discuss how the effects of US Sanctions, Iranian Policy, and TCF action has impacted Iranian students at the University of MN.

Check out the following sources and attached PDF for more information:

News clip from Al Jazeera:

The campaign's Facebook Page:
Lastly, if you have an idea for an IPID Talk and want to do one, send an email to Autumn Durfey (durfe028@umn.edu).

Hope to see you there and then!

TCF Bank vs Students of Iran.pdf

IPID Election Nominations due this Friday, March 1st!

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Elections for leadership positions in Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development (IPID) will take place early next month. If you are interested in international development and would like to become more involved in IPID, please consider nominating yourself for a position! The following positions will be up for election:
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary
  • At-Large Officer
  • IT & Communications (ITC) Chair
  • Finance Chair
Nominations for candidates are due by Friday, March 1, 2013.
Nominations, including candidate bios, will be posted on IPID's website and voting will take place electronically the week after nominations are due, ending March 8, 2013.

If you would like to nominate yourself for any of the officer positions, please contact Connor Molloy at moll0100@umn.edu with the following information by this Friday, March 1st:
  • Candidate's name, academic program and year
  • The office for which candidacy is sought
  • One to two paragraphs describing your interests/experience in international development and your goals for IPID

All IPID officers and committee chairs must be enrolled graduate/professional students for the 2012-2013 school year at the University of Minnesota and registered for at least six credits. Exceptions to the requirement are permitted for graduate students upon receipt of a letter from the Director of Graduate Studies of the student's department certifying that the student is actively pursuing a degree.

IPID officers and committee chairs must be able to commit to 1 year in office and can expect about 1.5 to 2.5 hours of involvement per week. IPID is not generally active during the winter and summer breaks.

Summary of IPID Leadership Positions

President: The President presides over all meetings of IPID and acts as official representative of the club at other meetings and events. The President is also the co-coordinator of committees and working groups.

Vice President: The Vice President presides at meetings of IPID in the absence of the president and succeeds the president if the president were unable to complete his/her term of office. The Vice President is also co-coordinator of committees and working groups.

Secretary: The secretary of the IPID student group shall be responsible for:
  • keeping, sending out, and posting minutes from every IPID meeting;
  • organizing and coordinating meeting times and locations;
  • providing support at IPID events;
  • maintaining regular, open communications among the IPID committees;
  • coordinating agenda-setting with other officers (especially with the president, vice president, and treasurer) as needed.

Treasurer: The treasurer of the IPID student group shall be responsible for:
  • keeping up-to-date and accurate information on IPID's financial transactions;
  • maintaining detailed records of income and expenditures;
  • ensuring that IPID's budget is balanced;
  • liaising with the finance staff of funders;
  • providing regular updates to IPID officers about the financial condition of the group;
  • assisting in the development of the student group's budget for the next fiscal year.

At-Large Officer: The At-Large Officer is an officer for the IPID student group whose responsibilities include:
  • filling the role of any absent officers;
  • providing support and acting as a liaison to other officers and committee chairs;
  • delegating duties;
  • assisting the organization of events;
  • providing feedback to committees and helping to maintain open communications among them.

Additionally, IPID is looking to fill the following committee chair positions, which will either be vacated at the end of the spring 2013 semester or are currently vacant:

Information Technology and Communication (ITC) Chair: The ITC Chair is responsible for managing IPID's website, listserv and other digital media outlets. This person will also assist with email communications regarding IPID events and announcements. Basic knowledge of web content management is beneficial, but not required.

Finance Chair: The role of the Finance Chair is to identify, prepare and secure funding for IPID operations, events, and programs. The Finance Chair will head the Finance and Fundraising Committee and will be responsible for:
  • finding, writing and securing grants for IPID student group activities;
  • overseeing the responsible use of these funds;
  • ensuring that the specific provisions of each grant awarded are met.

Spring 2013 General Assembly

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The discussion topic for the Assembly will be:

Aid and Development Effectiveness

in Post-Conflict Areas


Thursday, February 21st, 2013

4:00pm - 5:30pm

Blegen Hall (West Bank), Room 240

Food and Refreshments will be provided


Interdisciplinary Perspectives on International Development (IPID) is a student group linking graduate students, faculty, and practitioners with interests in development from across all disciplines and schools at the University. The General Assembly is open to IPID members and anyone interested is learning more about IPID. We will also be discussing the upcoming IPID elections. Please consider running for one of the following positions:


  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Officer-at-Large
  • IT/Communications Committee Chair
  • Finance Chair

Read more about these positions in our elections section

The First IPID Talk of 2013!

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Please join us for the first IPID Talk of 2013!
Thursday, February 7th at 4:30 p.m., in Coffman Memorial Union, Room 326. Click here for a campus map.
The topic: Broadening Dimensions of Human Trafficking. Veerendra Mishra, a Humphrey Fellow from the International Fellowship Program through the Humphrey School of Public Affairs will be the host. Veerendra is the Assistant Inspector General of the Crime Investigation Department for the Madhya Pradesh (MP) State Police in India.
In preparation for the discussion we ask that you review the article at the link to familiarize yourself with the topic (but come even if you had no time to read!).

The document of the UN Protocol gives an overview of Human Trafficking and the link highlights the U.S. stance on Human Trafficking and is the federal governing statue on the subject of the Trafficking Victims Protection Act 2000.
Questions framing the discussion:
  • What do you understand about the term "human trafficking"?
  • What are different dimensions of human trafficking?
  • What do you suggest is the best possible way to combat human trafficking?
Feel free to bring friends and people you meet on the bus.Lastly, if you have an idea for an IPID Talk and want to do one, shoot me an email (durfe028@umn.edu).
Hope to see you there and then!

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