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Blog Prompt #3 Ensure environmental sustainability

Every since I took Mr. Gryzwa's 5th hour environmental science class my senior year of High School I have became a lot more aware of the environment and how it relates to my interests. I have became aware of things in architecture deal with sustainability, especially learning more about LEED and buildings that are LEED certified. Green roofs, recycled materials, and natural heating are all interesting to me and I believe can change how designers think about buildings. One of the quotes Mr. Gryzwa gave our class on the syllabus was the Ghandi quotes "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." I think designers can help change the world for the better because they can set trends in structures and lead by example.

Some images that really inspire me to pursue environmental design...

This is a LEED Gold certified building called the straw bail building in California and it is really cool

The Hearst tower was the first LEED Gold certified building in Manhattan

When looking at LEED buildings I think "Wow, that i so cool how environmentally stable they are but they all look amazing just as buildings." I think environmentally conscious design has a specific style to it that I love.

There is an amazing singer/songwriter from Australia who plays a dozen different instruments and does some interesting things with looping his own music live. His name is Xavier Rudd and he writes a lot of songs about the environment and peoples impact on the earth. He is pretty extreme but he writes great music. One of my personal favorites is a song called The 12 of September.
It's come to our attention
Life now is bound to change
While we the peaceful majority
We sit back and anticipate

These are our days now
These are not the same now
These are not the same
These human beings are dangerous
Their greed is contagious
Now the world it waits

This song always reminds me that if we are not actively trying to change our everyday habits that heart the environment, we are still part of the problem.


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