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Blog Prompt #4

When asked what I would do architecturally, artistically, bodily..... if released from the constraints of architecture school I think about what my passion is. I would like to tell myself I would do something along the lines of the Rural Studio or go to third world nations and be apart of the effort to design effective housing for the poor. Maybe I would do take some time and participate in some of these efforts in waging war against poverty but that is not really where my interests are. My absolute favorite hobby is participating in music....

I think I would take my passion for music and blend it with my interest in everything architecture. I really enjoy the feeling of going to a concert in a theatre that is older than my grandfather and has amazing character and history. But many old urban venues are shut down or poorly kept. I would love to be able to travel to different cities and take on projects of refurbishing old theatre's for many different uses. Concerts, plays, music education are just a few of the activities that could take place. Historical theatres are not only places to see shows but community centers where the public could come together. They also are a symbol of history in many cities and are worth the effort to keep up. One of the most amazing concert venues Ive been to is The Riverside. It sits right on the milwaukee river and was built in 1928. It has been renovated numerous times but has always been kept to how it originally was built. Today not only does it act as a concert venue but it also serves as a ballroom, banquet hall, and can even be rented out for wedding festivities. Places like the Riverside interest me and I could definitly see myself spending my time around the country helping keep historic theatres running.

The Riverside