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Blog Prompt #5

The built environment supports who you are. The built environment relays the phenomena of culture and society through the years. The built environment affects the individual as much as it influences the masses. The built environment and its differences around the world represent the people occupying them, no matter how beautiful or ugly they are.

The built environment around us as we grow up has the most impact on us. When you think about it, built environments affect the individual by evoking emotions. For example, I grew up and lived in the suburbs around Milwaukee for 18 years. I would be pretty comfortable moving to the suburbs of Chicago or Minneapolis because they are similar. It would feel similar to home. If I got up and moved to El Paso Texas tomorrow I would feel very uncomfortable and foreign. It seems like a basic idea but to think the human built surroundings can have lasting impacts on people. The human built environment shows culture, it shows values, it shows religion, and even shows norms. When people think about a country or area of the world, they in vision the human built environment, not usually the people who inhibit the area or the shape of the land. I think the idea of physical phenomena and frameworks, clockworks, and phenomena is a perfect way to think about the built aspect of our earth. Smaller things creating systems of larger things. Sometimes it is really hard to explain how much we take the built environment for granted, especially the one immediately around us.

Living in Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic


Living in North Carolina

Both would create norms and values in an individual. But both environments are equally important.
The built environment is ever changing and has no one face. It can be the new condominium complex in downtown Minneapolis or the mud brick hut located on an island Atlantic Ocean. Since we associate ourselves with our own built environment it is important to understand how our perceptions change or how they don’t change. We remember different places from our experiences we had in them and forever remember them the same.