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Blog Prompt #6

This question is kind of confusing. I have an image of how I would like our group to present our project but how do you explain it in a blog.

I am a firm believer in the idea that pictures speak louder than words. An image can evoke more emotio and understanding than the written word. Therefore, I would like our presentation to have lots of powerful imagery and explaination with minimum clutter. Ozayr showed some examples of portfolios in lecture and a few really inspired me. The utilization of white space and minimizing clutter was very affective. Not cuttering the eye really creates a focal point in the page. I would like our group to present our project kind of like some of those portfolios. A clean, well designed book of material that flows and shows our findings on Bolivia. A balence of imagery and research combined to explain our findings on ending poverty in Bolivia.

Like I said before, a major agenda for me is to encompass great imagery to go along with our research. A picture can say more than a thousands words and can evoke more than a thousand emotions. For example, If I were talking about the extremely poor Guarana Indians in Bolivia that are enslaved to other families from debt a reader would understand but not feel what I have researched. But if I show them an amazing image like this......
a reader will take more of an interest because they have emotion invested in the subject.

Something I also thought of when discussing the project with my group was the idea of uncorporating all ideas through similar illustrations. One of my group members has a spectacular style of illustrating and sketching. Having him illustrate different diagrams and maps for our plan to curb poverty and hungry in Bolivia. The whole presentation would look like a whole and flow well if we successfully do this. Creating an end project that is more than thirty pages of computer paper with type and pictures is important.
The information in our project will ideally not resemble a research paper. The text will be limited and get to the point. It will not be drowning and just be there to take up space. I would like to strive for a harmony between text and imagery. Not huge chunks of text with a few pictures on each page. The layout of the document will be open and white. Not cluttered. Like I said the portfolio approach I believe is the best. It shows what you have done in a simple matter and the lack of clutter engages the reader instead of giving a reader twenty pages of straight times new roman. Hopefully we will be able to complete a document that has depth without having to much information in a small space.