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Blog Prompt #7

I have been working on three potential covers for our Millenium Goal Project of stopping world hunger and poverty but cannot get them to upload. Ive tried saving them as pdf files and as images but they just won't show. I will continue to try hopefully before it is graded.

Since this just will not work I will be forced to describe them.

First of all our project will not consist of standard white computer paper. A different type of paper can really make a project look a lot better and well thought out. I was thinking a cream paper with a lighter weight would be nice and probibly make the images sit better on the paper.

The cover pages I produced all had the title "Bolivia: a case study on hunger and extreme poverty." But they were all different in design. One had a faint image of the country of bolivia very large with a picture of some street children from La Pez over it. I like having the text on the cover page not to large. I often set it to around 20 in order to look more pleasing instead of a huge title that is bolded and underlined.

The next cover page had the same title but with all of the sketches Ghobad did in two rows. The sketches were set to the same size and are a little bit transparent. I like this one the best because I think it creates interest and shows what the document contains inside through images. I also like how they are a little bit transparent and will probibly blend into the paper.

The last cover page also has the same title but has a faint line border around it. It has a picture of South America that is very faint but Bolivia is darkened. This makes the country pop out of the rest of the map and has a really cool affect. I also decided to write on the bottom of the document " This is our effort to halve the number of people struggling with hunger and the people living on less than one dollar a day." I liked this idea and thought it really added to this cover page. This was my second favorite one I designed.