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Useful tips for presentation

Hi readers,

Do you like to make a presentation in front of lots of people?

...I guess many people do not like that. For me, it is the same thing...
I feel nervous and my brain becomes white during presentation!!!

But, in the US, I often feel that American people are very good at making presentations...

Why are they??

There are some useful tips to prepare for your presentation which I've heard from American people!
So, my journey of improving my presentation has started since I entered U of M...

...excuse me! pardon me! what was that?...


Hope things are going well for you! I am doing just fine and trying to stay positive no matter what life throws at me now. After a little over 6 years in the Land of the Free,  I am sometimes amazed by how much my writing and speaking skills in English have improved. Although I have so many weaknesses or flaws to work on, I feel more comfortable speaking and writing now  than during my first year here. Learning a new language can be a treacherous path because your ability to communicate with people around you is key to your social life, success, and happiness. Case in point, you won't get a date with that beautiful girl in your literature class if you don't make the first move :-)

In addition, if one does not get the right mindset when facing the language barrier, the repercussions can be psychological, mental, and long-lasting. For instance, I still remembered how I started to isolate myself and avoid conversations with others for fear of being repeatedly asked; what was that? I' m sorry, I didn't catch that? But, I rightfully refused to let those frustrations stop me from being who I was. The fact that people could not and sometimes can't still clearly understand me is completely normal. Learning a language is a gradual and incremental process. Every day, every week you learn a new word and your tongue gets used to the right pronunciation pattern . So don't worry or get frustrated if you feel that you are not able to communicate with others during your first weeks in the U.S. Your language skills will improve with time. The best incentive or advantage you have is that you live here where knowing English is an imperative as opposed to your home country where it was an option or a mere necessity.

I am very thankful that I was able to navigate this unstable stage of my journey in the U.S. Looking back I think what really helped were the following:

*Please don't belittle the ESL classes you are recommended or required to take after your English placement test. ESL classes are the foundation to improving your language skills. Students don't usually take ESL classes seriously. Don't make that mistake. Study hard and try to master the grammar rules and speaking exercises you are taught in those classes.

* Try to have weekly discussions or conversations with native English speakers. This will improve your ability to follow lectures, the news, and conversations and quickly understand what people are saying.

* Learn at least 5 or 10 words every week, and get a vocabulary notebook where you keep track of each new word you learn and their definitions. This will help you enrich your vocabulary and your ability to explain yourself in clear words.

* Sing along songs that you like and that are in English. This will help your pronunciation

*Last but not least, FREE YOUR MIND.  Be open, outgoing, patient and positive. Learning a new language is a long process. Enjoy it and turn it into a positive experience.


English Lerning Opportunity

Hi Readers,,,

As an international student, English language is one of the challenges of studying in the United States. Since this is my first time to study in the United States, I felt I did not have confidence to speak English.

Then, I found and used some good resources to practice your English on campus!

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