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I was reading Claudia's blog earlier and I was saddened by the fact that her hometown and her family in Chile have been affected by a huge earthquake.This reminded me of the fact that even though, this time around, living the life of an international student has mostly felt like living inside of a bubble in suspended animation and virtual reality, events whether, they happen to you or to people you know, whether they happen at home or where you are studying, will jerk you back to reality.

As international students, we will have a lot of unique experiences, and we will experience things (both good and bad) that a lot of people will not understand or cannot even conceive. Some of us will have more difficult experiences than others while we are away from home, and will go through things that I can't even begin to imagine. 

But if at any point, you feel you need more support than you feel you can get from your usual support system, below are some resources where you can get additional help or support:

If you would like more information on how to help  a friend in need, please visit this link :

And if you would like to help areas affected by the most recent earthquakes, both in Chile and in Haiti, please follow the links to the following websites to see how you can help:

Have a safe week,

Natural Disasters: Earthquake in Chile

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Hi outher,

 I just realized how bad prepare we are when bad news arrived back from home


  • 01chile02-popup.jpg

  • Hi, my name is Claudia and I'm from Chile in Concepcion city, same place that on saturday 27 was surprise by an earthquake registering 8.8 magnitude

     This picture is just one of the faces of our country right now... 

    shock cultural


    Hello out there and welcome to this new year!!!!
    Im looking forward to discover all the new and cool things that are prepare somewhere for me...
    Well, today blog it is a very personal view of the culture here compare with what I have back at home.
    When we came here for first time we all are very exiting to see what it is outhere, and like many of us see this side of the world: "LIKE IN THE MOVIES" .It is so funny, but true. However, when you are here, you can see that some of the things that you see on tv are not real...o well...
    When we came here, I think we are worry about the material things, like housing, clothes, university...but I think, or at leat in my personal situation, we forgot the most important thing: FAMILY.

    Where I came from, family is one of the most important things for us. It is our life, the reason we are here or there, the reason why we know about love. When I first move I was so happy, coming here, my dream, study here...all what I wanted...but we never pay attention to those little details that are actually the biggest ones. For some, it is food, religion or even clothes, for me my family, and when I said family I include God, and my friends.
    Here, it does not mean that there is no family, it is just different, no sundays lunch with our loveones and hours of talking, or not dinners with everybody watching "la telenovela" and eating and talking, and the next day...same time...same place...
    you have to get used to eat by yourself many time, go home and nobody is is really sad, but I just want to tell you out there that are planning to come here, that it is always good to know or look for people from your own country and keep your culture with you...


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