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Places to stay upon arrival in Minnesota

Dear You 

Hello, everyone.
One prospective international student in Brazil asked me a question about a place to stay upon arrival.  
I hope information in this posting is helpful to everyone. 
What did I do?

1. Find information about housing in ISSS website.
2. Sent a temporary housing application through U of M Housing & Residential Life
3. Stayed in International Reception Center (IRC) located in "Centennial Hall" for few days IRC will be available only from July 15th, 2010 to August 29th, 2010.  

<Centennial Hall >
Centennial Hall.jpg
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What did I like about IRC?
I was satisfied to choose IRC as a temporary housing. 
Visiting International Student Scholars and Services for my document check, touring the campus, and making new friends are easy at IRC.  

Here are some websites that will give you more information about temporary housing options. 

U of M Housing and Residential Life

You can find a lot of information about off-campus and temporary housing. 

Student groups
(1)Find your country's student group

For example, I know that students in Chinese Student Union sometimes help new international students find a place to stay. 

(2)International Student Outreach: 

This group also might be able to arrange a temporary housing and an airport pick-up. 


 This is my least favorite option since there is a risk in using information in this non-university affiliated website.  

I hope this posting has been helpful to you.
Take care.
                                                   Sincerely, Sunmin (Sunny) Lee

What we don't know once we are here!!!!!!!!



 Hi out there!!!!!!  How are you doing? (Laugh). I was just thinking how to start to write my blog today, and I just realized that I had a funny experience in the past with the word doing. When I first came here, I had to flu from Chile to Dallas and then Minnesota. 

A Place to Call MY Own


When I arrived in the Twin Cities, I took a cab from the airport  to my very own apartment, which I had found before even coming here.

But, how did I find my apartment from my home country?

Off Campus Housing

Most of the graduate students liveoff campus (not in dorms) thus finding an apartment is major task once we move here. Usually students live in apartment complexes around the campus and here are the major neighborhoods:

  • Dinkytown: Very close to the east bank campus and very popular among students because of proximity with school, restaurants, pubs etc Bus #2, #3 and #6 connect to the campus.
  • University Ave: These apartments are on route #16, again closer to the east bank campus. 
  • St. Paul Campus: Students studying at the St. Paul campus usually prefer to stay in St Paul (which is 10-15 mins by bus from East and West Bank campuses)
  • Uptown/ Other: Theses places are bit far not very well connected by bus. Thus its advisable to avoid these places atleast initial few months.
Average rent is 900 to 1150 for 2BR apartments and 650 to 750 for 1BR apartments.
Note: It is very important that  you see the property before you sign a lease or rental agreement to live there. Also, if possible, ask students who are living/ lived there.

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