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Time between you start applying for jobs and get an offer can be long and sometimes frustrating but the result is always fruitful. There lots of resources within the university that you can leverage to make this process smoother. 

Career fairs and company information sessions are helpful to learn more about company's products, work culture, vision etc. They also give you chance to interact directly with companies HR and sometimes manager as well. Every year more than 50 companies (this is very very conservative number) visit the engineering career fair which is help twice a year. Many companies do on campus interviews and other just college resumes and conduct telephonic interviews to start the process. The wait time between you submit your resume and you get the interview call could be 2-3 days to infinite. Typically it takes couple of weeks though. I would strongly suggest to take career fair seriously.
Another extremely powerful way to apply for jobs is through network. It could be alumni or personal or professional network. Otherwise one can apply online though company's website or GoldPASS. Professional networking sites (like LinkedIn) are also very useful.

The process also involves preparing resumes, cover letters etc. Engineering students must leverage services provided by Career Center for Science and Engineering. They provide access to invaluable resources and personal guidance. They also schedules mock-interviews so that one can improve on weak areas before appearing for the actual interview. 

Graduate soon~ but, what is the next step?

Time passed by really really quick! I still remember clearly what happened on the first day of arrival at the University of Minnesota and what I felt about this strange but huge campus. But, now I am going to graduate in May, which means there is only two months left for the student life at the University of Minnesota.

Recently, I kept thinking what is the next?
Finding a job seems like the only and necessary choice...
So.. how to start your job search? what you need to be aware as an international student?

Hello readers,

As an international student, I need to maintain full-time enrollment. So, although I am done with my actual coursework, I enrolled in a couple of courses this semester, thinking with only these and working 20 hours a week, I would still have time for other "professional development" stuff. This was my [heavily edited] week.

How did Sunmin get a part-time job?


Dear You

Hello, everyone.

How are you doing?

Are you curious about available employment opportunities on and off campus?

I will share my experiences and resources that I used to get a part-time job on campus.

I am currently working at the University of Minnesota Child Care Center as a student child care worker.

Here are things that I did to get a job.

1. Checked out employment options with International Scholars and Services 

2. Asked the academic advisor for on-campus employment opportunities

3. Searched postings on the University Office of Human Resources' employment web site

4. Prepared a resume and a coverletter to apply for the position

5. Visited College of Education and Human Development Career Services for a resume critique and a mock interview

6. Applied for the position on the University Office of Human Resources' employment web site

7. Contacted by the employer for an interview

8. Interviewed by the employer and got the position

I learned the importance of networking with others such as classmates, professors, and career counselors.  Also, I learned that it takes time and effort to write a high quality resume that demonstrating my qualifications and experiences. 

Here are some other available resources for the students.  

Campus Career Events

Career Fairs

Mentoring Programs

Career Workshops

                                                             Sincerely, Sunmin (Sunny) Lee





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