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The Goodbye Blog

Hi all,
So this is it. The last blog. It was fun writing for the past year, and I hope that some of it was useful and  if not, that it was at least an interesting read. Or helped you fall asleep. Whichever :). Anyway, I wish you all the best for your grad school experience. As for me, I'm leaving the Twin Cities and moving south for my internship. After four years in the same place, I am looking forward to something new.

So, good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!! And remember to have some fun while you're here :).

Take care,

Advisor and Grad Life


Decision Time?

Dear Prospective International Student,
Congratulations on getting accepted into the program(s) you applied to. And now, comes the decision-making time...or not...

Useful tips for presentation

Hi readers,

Do you like to make a presentation in front of lots of people?

...I guess many people do not like that. For me, it is the same thing...
I feel nervous and my brain becomes white during presentation!!!

But, in the US, I often feel that American people are very good at making presentations...

Why are they??

There are some useful tips to prepare for your presentation which I've heard from American people!
So, my journey of improving my presentation has started since I entered U of M...

Computer Access at the U

Officially 2 weeks without my computer, and seriously jonesing... anyway, if you don't have a personal computer, what resources are available on campus?

I am done with my MEd thesis!


Dear You

Hello, everyone.

I hope everything is going well.

Today I have special news to share.

I just recieved an E-mail from my advisor that my MEd thesis has been approved.

Then, I will be graduating next week.

I would like to celebrate my special day with the readers.  

                         Sincerely, Sunmin (Sunny) Lee


Safety and the Single Gal

Hello readers,
This week's entry is supposed to be the fun, free entry, but I want to talk about a not so fun topic: safety.
Before I came here, I would never thought that I have to deal with so many things with tax...
However, in America tax is a big thing...
For example, the first time when I bought a meal in McDonald's, I  was wondering that why the price I pay is different from the price posted on board? Did they calculate it wrong?

Nevertheless, the truth is that in the U.S. the price you saw usually doesn't include tax, so when you pay for it, you have to add 7.025% as the sale tax in most of cases. However, thanks to the cold weather here, there is no tax for buying clothing!! So... girls, GO shopping in Minnesota!!!

Coffee Shops

Hi readers,

I found many coffee shops in the United States. Before I came to the US, I did not like coffee because it makes me awake and nervous. Also, in Japan, you can have more variety in tea.

So, exploring these coffee shops in the United States is also new experience to me!

Happy Holidays and I'll be back in January

So, it is now the last week of the semester and the end of a week which saw the first snowstorm of the season, my first "hike" (it really wasn't that hard) through the snow, my oral prelim, the start of the holiday parties, the second "real" snow fall of the season, my prospectus meeting and my last class at the U.

This is also my last blog for this semester, so, have a safe and happy holiday season, and all the best for 2010...and for those of you reading from down under: I hope you're melting in the heat (she says, with envy)...

Anyway, talk to you next year.

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