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My Interview

It came the time for me to attend my interview with Elizabeth, the lady who had called me. Accordingly, I went on to www.metrotransit.org to get my bus route to the hospital. As it turns out, it isn’t so easy getting to the children’s hospital; it might actually be more confusing than trying to get to the Children’s Hospital of Minneapolis. The first bus left a few blocks from my dorm (bailey) at around 10:45 for an interview at noon.

That day I had only one class (my usual 8:00 AM class was cancelled). My one class began at 9:35 AM and ended at 10:25AM. Being the stupid person I have become, I decided to only sleep in a half an hour and get up to get breakfast and take a shower (two things I never usually have time to do on Friday morning[FYI: I take my showers Friday night- as in, I still shower…]). For some reason I thought my class started at 10:25 instead of 9:35, a mistake I realized at 9:40… so I just skipped my class and spent more time than needed getting ready for the interview.

When it came time for me to go to the interview, I started to head out. Then I remembered to grab my bus card…. So I went back in and got my card…. Then I started out again…. Only to turn back to get money… Then I took off for good. Halfway to the bus stop, I remembered my mobile. I knew if I took any longer I would miss my bus, so I left it.
After 30 minutes at the bus stop, I accepted that I missed my bus. I went back to my dorm and started calling people to see if could get a ride. I called my sister and my friend Chris. My sister was at work (which I knew, but forgot) and Chris was asleep… after offering sexual favors to Chris, he realized how desperate I was and decided to get out of bed to go get me.

We didn’t really know how to get to the hospital, but I map-quested it. Also, I called the hospital and told them I would be a little late (they didn’t really seem to care). After taking the wrong exit a few times, we made it to the hospital with some time to spare. Our spare time we used up trying to find the right room/building. Eventually, we made it to the interview and I went back into the office for my interview.

The interview was fast. I had to fill out a background check paper thing (this made me nervous because or my connections to the Irish mafia and Turkish black market, but it turned out I had no real reason to worry). Elizabeth gave me a bunch of information for pre-med students and we scheduled my work shadow to happen on Saturday the 24th.

Afterwards Chris and I went out to eat at a nearby restaurant. The food wasn’t very good, but overall the day was a success.