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Proseminar This Friday


The U's Asian American/Diaspora Studies initiative will host Dr. Lynn Itagaki this Friday, November 14, from 3:30-5P.M. in Ford Hall, Room 400.

Here's more:

From the 1992 Los Angeles Riots to the 2008 Presidential Election: Racial Civility in the Post-Civil Rights Era

Professor Lynn Itagaki examines the legacy of the mid-1990s "civility debates" on the 2008 Presidential election, excavating a genealogy from the aftermath of the 1992 civil unrest in Los Angeles to our historic contemporary moment. While civility has been traditionally defined as the civic virtues, community-building, and deliberative practices of good citizens, the media discourses around both events exposes how discourses of racial civility--redefined as politeness and respect for authority--increasingly stand for the strengthening of the racially repressive status quo.

Professor Itagaki is currently a visiting scholar in Asian American Studies and Women's Studies at Ohio State University and an assistant professor in English at the University of Montana, Missoula. Her research examines the intersection of contemporary U.S. culture with race, law, and the media in terms of Asian American studies, comparative race studies, and women of color feminism. Professor Itagaki's book project explores the 1992 Los Angeles Uprisings and the post-Civil Rights era. She has published articles and reviews in African American Review, Amerasia Journal, and MELUS.