September 1, 2009

Book Talk Next Friday

Yuka Tsuchiya is an Associate Professor of Law and Letters at the Ehime University in Japan.

Chia Youyee Vang is an Assistant Professor of History at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

And on Friday, September 11, both will be on campus to talk about their new book,
De-Centering the Cultural Cold War: The U.S. And Asia.

Stop by Scott Hall Commons (Room 105) from 3:30--4:30PM to meet the authors.

Professors Tuschiya and Vang are alumnae of UMN's Department of American Studies.

June 21, 2009

Modern Chinese Cinemas And More...


ALL Assistant Professor Jason McGrath has a new book out on Stanford University Press.

It's called Postsocialist Modernity: Chinese Cinema, Literature, and Criticism in the Market Age, and it offers an examination of Chinese culture under contemporary market reforms:

Beginning in the early 1990s and on into the new century, fields such as literature and film have been fundamentally transformed by the forces of the market as China is integrated ever more closely into the world economic system. As a result, the formerly unified revolutionary culture has been changed into a pluralized state that reflects the diversity of individual experience in the reform era. New autonomous forms of culture that have arisen include avant-garde as well as commercial literature, and independent film as well as a new entertainment cinema. Chinese people find their experiences of postsocialist modernity reflected in all kinds of new cultural forms as well as critical debates that often question the direction of Chinese society in the midst of comprehensive and rapid change [Publisher].

For more on Dr. McGrath and his work, visit him online.