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What is Justice?

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To me, justice can be another word for fairness. Justice is a right that belongs to all genders, races, and sizes. Where there is justice there is no discrimination. Where there is justice there is equality amongst all people. Justice is giving people what they deserve, whether it is a punishment or a reward. A small example of when I have seen justice prevail is when my little brother said a bad word, he was sent to his room and had to apologize.

kayla pic
I chose to use this picture because I want people to know that I am not afraid of looking goofy and silly while having fun. This picture was taken at camp where I have many great memories as well. This picture represents my fun and joyful spirit!

Course Packs Available at Paradigm

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Your course packs are available at Paradigm Course Resource located at 6720 Washington Ave. SE.

Happy reading!

GWSS 1005 Fall 2012 Syllabus

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Welcome to GWSS 1005! Using Uthink!


Dear Students,
We are in for an exciting semester. To help kick off our blog, upload a picture of yourself or an image that that represents some aspect of your personality. Tell us about the image you shared. Finally, what does justice mean to you, personally? Describe a time in your life where you witnessed and had a part to play in justice.

(1) Type in your browser window.
(2) Log in with your X500.
(3) Go to Create, the scroll down to entry
(4) Type your text into the dialogue box, don't for get to add a title to your post.
(5) Read and edit your post carefully.


(6) Go to the insert images link on the top of your toolbar (right below the title line).
(7) Click on Insert Image picture
(8) Upload a picture from your computer. Using the dialogue box on the upper left hand corner of the pop-up screen.
(9) Save your blog post. Preview it, then Publish!
Good luck

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