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My freshman year of high school, I was taking French, and my teacher decided that we would listen to different french singers and songs every day at the start of class to get us in the French mode, expand our musical tastes, and gain some insight into what French teens listen to. She would put the lyrics on the screen and read them to us in French, then translate loosely what they meant, play the song, then play the music video so that we got a taste of french culture in a very engaging and relatable way. We listened to all kinds of genres but the majority of it was hip hop.

One artist that I really enjoy as a French rapper is Youssoupha. His style sounds a lot like some American rappers but the way his lyrics flow and rhyme in French just sounds so powerful and beautiful. I personally love the way French sounds in any setting, it is a beautiful language, but when he speaks with such fluidity and strength, it creates a different feeling than American rap, the lyrics feel like they mean more, they have more emotion behind them than American rap.

I'm really glad my teacher started this with us because I took what we had listened to in class and searched for more songs and artists that I enjoyed and I really expanded my musical preferences. Now I listen to a lot of different French artists which not only helps with French language compression but you can also immerse yourself in a little bit of their culture from your own home.


Hey… I forgot about Youssoupha. I guess I know more international hip hop than I thought! ;)
We had a French exchange student this summer who played some of his music for us. You're right - it flows so easily… thanks for the reminder of a fun summer!

This is a really good way to teach a language! I don't know French, but I checked him out and I really enjoy his music. I'm a "lyrics person" in general, but somehow I'm able to listen to music I don't understand and get just as much out of it.

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