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For this blog entry, I decided that one of my favorite non-US hip hop artists had to be Tinie Tempah. He is an English rapper born in London which he is based out of. I was first introduced to his music through travelling abroad in London during the summer Olympics. While I was there, I had the opportunity to go to many of the clubs and get introduced to different artistic styles as well as hip hop artists in the area. He is one of the most famous current hip hop artists in London today, and you could definitely say that I am a huge fan of his.

If you would like to check out some of his most famous songs, these include "Pass Out" "Written in the Stars" "Miami 2 Ibiza" and "Invincible". After catching a break through Sony and being discovered by prominent music producers in the area, Tinie has been able to continue his success through teaming with huge name artists and being featured in many of their songs. This has lead to an increase in his popularity as well as his global recognition. He is one of the few international hip hop artists I actually know of, and look forward to reading through the other blog entries in order to see who else is out there. I would have to say that if I would not have studied abroad, I may not have been able to be introduced to this artist, and find it incredible how far the hip hop genre has traveled outside the United States. Below I have attached a link to one of his music videos "Written in the Stars" if anyone is willing to check him out which I definitely would recommend!


I have also heard some of Tinie Tempah and love his song "Pass Out." His beats are incredible and the rhythms have great tempo. This song has exploded in the United States for a reason. His other songs are good too. I've always wanted to study abroad (especially in London) and wish I would have so I would have been exposed to more international artists like you had the pleasure of hearing in London. I tend to like the style of these modern British rappers. Their music is fast and the beats are quite rhythmic. Thanks for sharing.

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