I Know What I am

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The term "gender identity" is a lot more intricate and complicated than one may believe. After reading "I Know What I am", I got a better understanding of what the term truly means to me. Identifying a gender for a person is unconsciously placing them into a group. In society, each person is typically placed into the "female" or "male" group. Along with placement into one of these groups comes the inherent responsibility for one to "act" a certain way, as well as portray themselves as a sort of "representative" if you will for their respective group.

This means that there are expectations for someone to act a certain way based on what society has labeled their gender as, even though they might not want to. There are people out there that act certain ways just because they feel inclined to do so, and are afraid of the ramifications and judgement that they will have to face if they don't act a particular way.

To me, the term "gender identity" is what an individual feels like based on their own beliefs. There shouldn't be predetermined groups that people should feel inclined to consider themselves a part of. Gender identity is the state of mind that individuals has that makes them want to act the way that THEY themselves want to act. There should be little (if any) outside influence on how one identifies themselves. As far as being a male or female, I believe that these are, as we discussed in class, biologically determined traits. There are body parts and organs that exist to back up that statement. However, just because someone is a male or a female, that does NOT by any means incline them to act a certain way. However, the society we live in has predetermined views on what exactly is a male or female in their eyes, and I believe that those prejudices are wrong and should be changed over time.

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