Microcredit Loans

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I think micro-credit loans are a great idea to boost an economy and/or even just help out the poor. I think it is very interesting that micro-credit loans are developed for women - it is great. When I learned that they were created for women because women are more reliable to pay back the loans, I thought that was really interesting that they would make a loan just for women because we are more reliable. I also got some what of a chuckle out of it. I also think that it really does foster social connectivity and solidarity between poor women because they are now able to start these home-based businesses. Through these businesses they are able to connect with the community by selling and creating costumers and they are also able to connect with each other by training each other to hopefully expand their company.
Another part of the micro-credit loans I thought was really interesting was how they had interest on the loans to be able to give others loans. I thought this was cool because it really shows how these micro-credit loans are not only helping individuals start up a business and get going, but it is helping other women, too. And therefore it is helping out the entire society.
Micro-credit loans were new to me, and I personally think they are very effective and help out in a lot of different economic ways. I thought I'd share this picture I found to show how happy women are to be able to receive these loans.Unitus-Microcredit-Borrowers-1.jpg

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The photograph used here is really beautiful and I would like to get permission to use it in the design of a print advertisement. Can someone please contact me at my listed email address as soon as possible to let me know whom I would talk to, to get the rights to use this image, and to get the high resolution file of the image?

Thank you for your prompt response.

Gary Abrams

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