Internalized Ableism:The Tyranny Within

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As I read the article"Internalized Ableism:The Tyranny Within" some interesting things came up. One thing that caught me off-guard is when the author is describing when a child is born, she/he is taught to be disabled is to be less than others. Although we encourage disable people to accomplish their goals and go after their dreams, we do not have the tools or resources to aid them. We as society do not encourage the disable person to fully embrace him/herself because we want to fix this person because we see disability as something that has to be fixed or changed.The media bombards us with negative images of disabled people and this leads to disabled people to make destructive choices.

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I never of thought of it like that. That is a very interesting take on this issue. Even news stories on tv show disabled kids trying to achieve their goals. It is supposed to be hopeful and encouraging but it has a negative undertone. This could definitely contribute to our ablest influenced society.

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