Tips for Using the Uthink Blog

Dear Students,
Welcome to our new Engaging Justice Blog. Here are some helpful instructions for using our blog.

Directions to Access Course Blog at Uthink:

(1) Go to, then log-in with your X500 user name and password.

(2) On the top menu bar click on the "Manage" Tab.

(3) Click on "Engaging Justice" or "Sex, Politics, and Global Hip Hop" (which ever course you are enrolled in.)

(4) Or, You can click on "System Overview," then scroll down to "Engaging Justice" or "Sex, Politics, and Global Hip Hop."

How to Create a Blog Entry (Text Only)

(1) Click on your Course using the directions above.

(2) On the top menu bar, click on "Create".

(3) Scroll down to click on "Entry."

(4) Type in a Title for your entry, then your post in the body.

(5) Scroll down and click on save or preview

(6) If you are happy with your entry, publish it on the blog.

How to Upload an Image or File to your Blog Entry

(1) Create an Entry using the directions above.

(2) In the tool bar below the Title, you will see a tool bar with tiny icons that allow you to adjust the font, and format your text. The last two icons that look like little picture will allow you either insert an image or a file.

(3) Click on one of the icons.

(4) Upload a file.

(5) Then select a file to include.

(6) Finally you can save or preview your entry.

(7) If you are happy with the wait it appears, you can publish it.

Remember, that you can always re-edit your post by going to "Manage Entries".

If you are still having problems using or accessing Uthink, please the CLA-OIT Service Desk at 612-624-4357 (4-HELP), You can also go over the the Technology Help Center located at Coffman Union. I should note that some of you may have to check to ensure that your brower and your computer's relationship with the UM server is configured properly to use the blog.

Finally, feel free to come into office hours, if you would like some individual assistance.

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