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My name is Connor Wright and I am a freshman at the U of MN-Twin Cities. I'm orignially from a small town in North Dakota called Valley City and then moved to West Fargo at the start of 8th grade. Fascinating stuff, right? I'm undeclared at this point, but I'll probably end up studying Political Science or GWSS and with a LGBT minor. I hope to one day end up as an advocate for a national organization that works to further equality by policy changes and other forms of activism. Basically, I have little more than a vague dream, but if it works for Disney, then I can only hope it works for me!

I've just skimmed the surface of feminist theory, but I'm eager to learn more about gender, race, class, sexual identity, and other factors I may not even know about, and how they all intersect.

Unfortunately, aside from an undying love for animation and various tidbits about films, I don't have a ton of skills that sound interesting on paper. I may not even have skills that sound interesting in person, but I'm hoping self-deprecation swings a few votes my way.

And this image probably sums up the vast majority of my beliefs and interests:

I'm a big fan of frank and open discussion in order to have greater understanding and acceptance of ourselves and others.

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Hi! this is the Alexander Hamilton song that we talked about. I am sort of in love with it.

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