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Hello everybody! My name is Stephanie and I am from Eagan, MN. The city is a suburb of St. Paul so I am somewhat familiar with the Twin Cities. I am a freshman at the U and majoring in political science. I am really excited about this class because I want to learn about what women have done in societies and form a personal connection with that. I am also interested in the political aspect of the social justice concerning women and I feel that this would help me with my major in the future. One of things that I am really passionate about is community, since a mission trip I took to New York in 2009. I love volunteering and have participated in Salvation Army, Feed My Starving Children, local food groups, and senior homes. I feel that volunteering is good because I get to connect with others and learn something new about myself each time. One of my main hobbies is dancing. I have been performing since 9 and love being on the stage. I like being able to express myself through movement and provide joy to the audience. Some other interests I have are running, watching movies, reading, cooking, and hanging out with friends.


I choose this picture because it shows that anybody can volunteer and it doesn't matter who you are. The picture also depicts that if everyone works together then we could make the word a better place.

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Stephanie, that is so fascinating that you did a mission trip in New York. Ever since my first visit to New York I have been in love with the city! I also enjoy running and cooking and, to be honest, miss the ability to cook now that I'm at the U. I am a member of the Running Club here on campus and it is really quite fun. If you're really into running, or if you just like it occasionally, we meet every weekday at 5:30pm.

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