Assignment One: Who am I?

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Tag (German for hello, not a game)! My name is Ashley but I also go by Eike (which is my German name) because I don't generally respond to Ashley since there are so many people named Ashley and there are at least three of them in one given place at the same time! I am from Saint Paul Park (SPP, not SP) which is a small suburb between Cottage Grove and Newport; all of which are just off of highway 61, on your way to Hastings. I am a freshman, however I did PSEO while I was in high school so I have enough credits to be a sophomore, or something like that. I chose this class because I still have a few lib ed credits to fulfill for my major and this is one of the few possibilities that actually sounded interesting... which means it won't be a mental struggle to complete. (: My intended major is Computer Engineering, which is different from Computer Science. I also intend to minor in German, which I have been told is very difficult, however I feel it will be enjoyable. I chose the U because out of all the colleges I applied to, it was the only one we were able to afford. In all honesty, I really wanted to go to Purdue but their tuition is about 40k and with the scholarship they offered me it would have been about 30k, which is still much more than the U. I am not complaining, however, I think I will learn to love it here! I enjoy video games, movies, reading, and other "strange" things. As you may (or may not) remember, I am abstract so I am generally the person no one is comfortable approaching or talking to. I don't mind though, I'm not the largest people person. I need to be surrounded by intelligent people; it bothers me when people can barely tell you what 2+2 is or need to know how to spell "orange". Really, I can't tell you who I am or describe myself to you. Any attempt to do so would be an absolute waste of time. If you want that information, you will have to get to know me. :3

This is a photograph I took on my trip to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I think it is beautiful and I love Germany (probably even more than the U.S.) so it is rather good at describing me.
Swiss Alps

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