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When I think of justice, what comes to mind in a broken down sense is superhero. The picture of justice in my head, is someone being saved; whether it be a criminal going to jail for a crime committed, or possibly a person sticking up for someone. In the broad spectrum, the "real" definition of justice "is a concept of moral rightness based on ethics, rationality, law, natural law, religion, fairness, or equity, along with the punishment of the breach of said ethics." When talking about social justice, we defined it in class as "naming and challenging faces of oppression in every day life."

However, in my own words, I define justice as a right outcome that benefits those who were wronged. Benefits of my own interpretation of this word, for example, it includes many things from a rapist being put to jail to a person receiving aid from falling in a store. Limitations come from my definition because people have different takes on how a person is wronged; which we can tie into white supremacy. Some minds think it's okay to put people in nursing homes, whereas other persons object to this idea. Of course the person being wronged can understand where the application of "justice" should be performed. A black person may think "justice" was reached when Obama became president; a female may think "justice" occurred when abortion was declared legal. In a society where everything is divided into groups, and everyone is categorized, of course we all have a different view of what "justice" is.

This article of the Casey Anthony is an example of my definition of justice, or in this case it was unjust. The innocent verdict was not what people were expecting, in many people's minds Casey was guilty; justice was not done. A "murderer" was let back into society with none to little punishment. I feel like our society is big on punishment.

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