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I most closely align my definition of justice with that of social justice rather than normative ideas of justice. I think justice means- finding empathy & commonality, if only as a fellow being, in the stories of others and their lives, oppression and successes. Aligning ourselves with others makes us more committed to fighting for and standing in solidarity with their needs and rights.
A key part of how I define justice includes the understanding that we are all interconnected, and oppression of the few negatively impacts the whole of society in every way. Including race, gender, and class into the discussion or definition of justice reinforces the reality that although our lived experiences are disparate, our multiple facets connect us in a social network that needs to be maintained in the interest of all people

. If the privileges of the few are not discussed and actively lessened, societies end up in less than just situations. Similar to issues we as a nation and global community are dealing with today.
An amazing woman named Majora Carter, has a campaign about environmental justice and a talk on TED that I think highlights the inter connectivity of justice, identity and how important it is to find new solutions to our problems focusing on acknowledging dominance and working together across class, race and gender to create a more egalitarian society.

If this link doesn't work, go to youtube, or TED and search: Majora Carter, Greening the Ghetto.

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