Cassara Harmelink

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Hello! My name is Cassara Harmelink and I am a Freshman here at the U. I was raised in Rogers, Minnesota but spent the last seven years in Phoenix, Arizona. I decided to return home because of the lovely people, the cold weather, and all of the incredible opportunities the U of M has to offer.

I'm currently majoring in biology but that could easily change to microbiology. I hope to eventually be a physician's assistant to be the patient's advocate at a clinic; I take a particular interest in women's health and how they are treated in healthcare. I also dream of returning to Africa to educate women on sexual health, healthy relationships, and to stop the abuses of women.
This is in South Africa at the Monte Casino Bird Gardens.

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I think I scrolled past your picture twice before I noticed you had a bird on your head! That's such a cool, colorful bird.

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