Forfeiting White Privilege

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This article is a great eye-opener to the unfair advantage given to white americans through their interactions with other white americans, who have systematically rooted themselves into a dominant position in politics, finance, media, etc. This makes it much easier for any white americans to move freely and do what they please without confronting any kind of racial barriers. Leveling these barriers, according to the author, requires those with said privileges to forfeit them. I just wonder how exactly that can be done.

Many of the privileges listed by the author center around one's personal comfort in different situations. Feeling tied in to organizations, not worrying about race singling a person out for traffic tickets, not feeling like others are attributing one's moral choices to their race; all of these are internal feelings based on a lack of racial discomfort. Now, how can a white person forfeit a lack of racial discomfort? How can a person start being uncomfortable in normally benign situations?

I understand that the reasons behind this racial discomfort are overbearing, systemic issues that need to be uprooted; and if all white americans were aware of this comfort advantage, it would make them reconsider how their actions make everyone else feel. This could produce a slow, drifting change toward social justice. I just wonder how a single white american is capable forfeit these mental and emotional privileges of general comfort.

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