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Hi guys. My name is Ellen Ferencek. I'm a freshman in CLA and thus far my major is undeclared. I'm considering political science and potentially a double or a minor in Theater. But at this point who knows...
I'm from Madison, Wisconsin and my views have been shaped recently by our governor's budget bill and the protests against it. Here's a picture:


My classmates and I, as well as the majority of our teachers, spent days at our capitol protesting the governors uncompromising bill and its attack on the working people of Wisconsin.
My idea as represented by this picture relates less to the events of February and March, but more to my objections to Scott Walker's attitude towards cooperation. I don't believe any side's ideological truth can be the full and honest truth and I think when one side pushes their truth onto another side without regard for the counter view-point and with no room for compromise nothing good can happen.

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