Justice... What is it?

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I think that most people have their own individual ideas about what justice means... which leads me to think that what justice really could mean is that each and every person would have the right to express those individual ideas and feelings, and be respected. Humans have a great capacity to heal. We have all "trespassed" upon others and others have "trespassed" upon us. But what does anyone ever want when they feel they have been wronged? They want to feel acknowledged. The want to feel understood and that the other person/s are willing to hear them out and work towards making the "victim" feel better-whatever that might entail. We are not perfect people and even without issues of race/sexuality/gender/religion etc. we would still find ways to harm each other. The point is that we give the person/s justice in the sense that we recognize our errors and work to mend them. As far is race in concerned, there is much work to do. Deep, generational, institutional and perpetual wounds have been inflicted upon African Americans from this country's inception, and to acheive justice is and will be a daunting task. But beginning with listening, with learning to empathize, or at least sympathize and learn from those who have been trespassed upon, how to meet their definition of justice.

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