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Hello, my name is Marisa Eigen.
I was adopted from Ascuncion, Paraguay in South America, but have lived in Alexandria, Minnesota since. I am the youngest of two children and own two dogs.
I decided to go to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities because I really love the campus and the opportunities a big university can offer an individual. I am majoring in psychology and considering taking on another major such as Anthropology or GWSS. I wanted to take this class, because I thought it would be interesting. I really believe in equality and respect, and thought it awesome how this class will take a look at both those things.
Other things I enjoy doing are listening to music, longboarding, playing soccer, exercising, dreaming, exploring, and thinking.
I'm very excited to get to know everyone in and throughout this class,
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Hi Marisa, We are all reading your entry right now!

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