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Over the past couple of weeks, I have been very captivated by the discussions about gender identity. I like how I have a new perspective about people who are trying to identify who they are as a person. I never really thought about how lives can be difficult for the people who consider themselves transgender, bisexual, fem queens, gay, and butch queens. I found it interesting in the “I Know What I Am” article when fem queens can switch into becoming a butch queen for personal reasons but not identity. This shows that being one gender can be superior to another, in this case male. I also thought it was interesting how the people in the Meat Market fit in the norm of naturalness by looking “hard” or “soft”. I feel that there is a lot of pressure for these people to look a certain way. This can affect their self-esteem because they know that they are already different in our proclaimed society. I think self-esteem had a lot to do with the people in the film “Aggressive”. Many of them have weak family ties and felt different from the norm of growing up.

I also feel that the topic of gender identity is really informative. I think that many people don’t know of the sub groups inside of LGTBQ community. I feel that this is the new group in our society that is heavily marginalized. I feel that if people are more educated and not judgmental, then these people will get the same rights as everyone else. We as individuals should be able to live our lives the way we want if it is not hurting anyone. There is always going to be stereotypes and discrimination in our culture, but people should be treated with respect and humility.

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