Globalization - the continuation of manifest destiny


Globalization is sometimes thought to be this manifest destiny of the current day. I think this comparison is interesting and accurate in the most part. When we look back at 19th century idea of manifest destiny, we often think about its glorified outcome. We forget to mention though what it cost to achieve this "destiny", how white settlers destroyed anything in their paths (namely Native Americans) and how its negative effects are still shown in present day society. Is that what globalization is doing today? Are we pushing aside minorities, less privileged countries, women's rights, values, morals etc ... in order to gain global power? Is it worth it? The article "Globalization and Collective Action" did mention how globalization does have a good side, in that it gives the opportunity to members of oppressed groups to communicate, work together and ultimately be a stronger combined force. It seems though, that at the same time that globalization is benefiting these marginalized groups, it is also further oppresses them. The practice of neoliberal capitalism feeds into the negative effects of globalization because giving economic freedom is basically giving more power to those with power. And because of the gap created by globalization, the power is sucked to one side, leaving the powerless powerless. It's almost like we need a globalized force in order to fight globalization.


Globalization certain does provide new opportunities for forging movements to combat social injustices across national borders. I think perhaps globalization can also provide opportunities for forgin meaningful human connection outside of politics. Toward the end of the semester, we will consider an article by Leela Fernandes who does just this. Here I'm thinking about how alternative spiritual practices have promoted peace and non-violence in terms of the way we relate to each other and the planet. Thanks for posting.

I think globalization is more just the eventual end of the internet revolution. Now we have quick and easy access to the "collective knowledge of mankind" and to other people all around the world (though more-so in developed nations..). This is great, being able to learn whatever you want and speak to people from other cultures-- it could make us better people if we wanted it to.

However, just like the old reconstruction-era robber barons and railroad tycoons, capital acts like mass with gravity-- which coalesces into great planets of wealth and power. Maybe we need to get our heads back in the Anti-trust game to try and limit the international freedoms of business.

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