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Given our last few class discussions surrounding the struggle to define justice, fight for justice and expand our understandings of what justice could be- I thought I would qucik blog about the Occupy Movement.

I am sure most, if not all of you are aware that in NYC there have been protests going on against corporate greed, power and influence. Occupy Wall Street has been functionally ignored by the mainstream media (not surprising as mainstream media is controlled by a total of six corporations). Anyway, Minneapolis will be having a solidarity demonstration October 7th at 9 AM. Here is the link to Occupy MN & more information: http://www.occupymn.org/

In my limited experience, the protests and active resistance/community organizing that I have participated in has been some of the most empowering and valuable experiences of my life. Community organizing, if done effectively, engages voices that have been silenced. I feel as if these protests are similar to the ones that occurred in 1999 around the country and the globe, protesting the World Trade Organization. If anyone wants to get involved this would be a great experience.

Corporate influence has played a huge role in tax policies and lobbying influence that works against the average American, and further marginalizes the voices of those who are already facing racial, economic or gender injustice. Corporations have played a role in destroying our earth, eliminating indigenous lands and cultures in the Global South and have perpetuated the fallacy of meritocracy. Moreover, Corporations reproduce power hierarchies as the CEO's are usually white, heterosexual men. These white, wealthy males have enormous power in Washington and globally. The implications are huge. I think that part of living in a democracy is being able to shift it and alter the ways of those who govern when those paths no longer work for the people. If we don't speak up for ourselves and those who we see having injustice, and if we don't do so collectively and across social/racial/economic spheres our voices will continue to be silenced. No society can prosper when the majority of people are ignored, and specific groups are marginalized- limiting the production of human & social capital. What will the future look like if we stand back and allow such injustices to take place- even if they do not impact us directly?

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Thanks for the post and for providing the class with an opportunity to take part in an important social justice issue taking place today. Just make sure you link the even to course readings! I think the occupy Wall Street Movement really connects well to our introductory discussion on the distribution of wealth in our society and racial justice. I look forward to hearing more about your participation in this event!

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